Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's within us...

Last night Brett and I were talking about the power our doubts and fears can have over us. And how crucial it is to live your life in a way that the Spirit can draw near to you in order to remove those insecurities. I think sometimes the hardest kind of faith to have is faith in yourself.
We can believe in others, we can even believe in answers to our own prayers--it's not hard to have faith that our Heavenly Father is real and aware of us, but why is it so easy to lose faith in our own abilities and strengths? Isn't that like saying we don't have faith that He will help us be everything we need to be? As though He is not enough to make up the difference? And yet we do. So frequently we receive answers to prayers, we come to know His will for our lives, and still we hesitate because we doubt our own capability to follow-thru with that will. If we have come to believe that a particular path is what Heavenly Father wants for us, and more importantly if we have come to believe that path will bring blessings into our lives, why is it so hard to take the first step simply because we foolishly wonder if we have what it takes to make it down that path to begin with? With our knowledge of where we come from, our knowledge of our individual worth and divine heritage as children of a KING, just what is it that we feel we might be lacking? It's there. Everything we need is there within us. The challenge is having the faith that it's there and that we'll be able to draw from the divine within us when things get hard. I'm starting to believe that's a big part of what we're sent to earth to learn: how to tap into that Divinity so we can reach our full potential.
I know the path I need to take. Brett knows the path WE need to take. Now we just need to have a little faith in ourselves.
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"The democracy will cease to exist when you TAKE AWAY from those who are willing to work AND GIVE to those who would not."

Thomas Jefferson