Thursday, May 20, 2010

let's get this POTTY started!

Carson [so far] has been our easiest potty-trainer. In a word he has been AWESOME! He's wanted to try for a while and out of laziness I have been putting it off. But it's been very successful and we're super-proud of him! I did it the same method I did the other two (Potty-Training In a Day), where you pump drink after drink into them basically watching TV, movies, and playing games all day, sitting on the potty every 20 minutes or so. Within the first two "sittings" he seemed to have nailed it and after that point was good to tell me when he had to "go". Sure he's had a couple accidents but only like one or two a week, and now it's even less than that. Way to go, Buddy!
So excited about his WONDER PETS underwear!
Hanging out on the blanket until it's time to try again...
When he had completed his sticker chart,
he'd earned his reward for being such a big boy:
a Scooter!


Tif said...

Way to go Carson! That's awesome!

Whit said...

That's a good idea I'm having a VERY hard time getting Kael to figure out when to go or tell me he needs to go. So I might have to try that when Im' not babysitting anymore. Email me more details yeah?! LOVE YOU!

Stacy said...

Good job Carson! Kids grow up so fast. I'm glad he has done so well. Kaleb did awesome, and now has started reverting back a little. It's been frustrating, but I'll just keep working with him like at the beginning, and hopefully get over this phase he is going through.

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