Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sweet Annie tagged me, so here we go...

8 T.V. Shows I love to watch:
-The Office
-Law & Order: SVU
-Burn Notice (even though we don't have the channel anymore)
-and most recently I discovered the Bonnie Hunt Show. I typically HATE daytime TV, but she's so good I save the laundry for 2:00 so I don't feel guilty watching it!
And unfortunately, that's about it for TV...but 4 movie shows I could watch over and over are:
-pretty much any romantic comedy with Hugh Grant
-Frequency (Dennis, I love you. Or at least I love to see you smile.)
-Sleepless in Seattle
-The Courtship of Eddie's Father

8 things that happened yesterday:
-We had our 1st meeting as a new Young Women presidency (I just got called to be the president. Yikes!) It was 3 hours long. Thanks, ladies, you are troopers and we got a ton accomplished!
-Brett left for yet another business trip. Good thing I have photographs of him or else I think I'd start to forget what he looks like! (Love ya, babe. Come home soon.)
-I started laundry. Here it is a day later and none of it is folded yet. (Although in my defense, I had one load folded, which Carson promptly undid for me. What a helper.)
-I took the kids to KMart so Halle could buy her friend a birthday present. We had fun in the Christmas aisles pushing all the buttons to the electronic singing/dancing stuff.
-We had cereal and hot chocolate for dinner. I was exhausted.
-After the kids were in bed I worked on more YW stuff.
-After the YW stuff, I read some good stories online.
-At 10:30, Brett called to wish me sweet dreams.

8 favorite places to eat:
-Gecko Grill (Arizona)
-Tia Rosa's (Arizona)
-Greek food, so I guess Aristo's (sans octopus)
-Our moms' dinner tables (no reservations required, although dish-help is appreciated)
-Outdoors, especially camping
-Polar King, when it still existed
-Hires Big H
-Macaroni Grill or California Pizza Kitchen (it's a toss-up)

8 things on my wish list:
-That Brett would come home
-That I wouldn't feel so tired
-That I'd finally be on top of everything with Young Womens. It seems like there's always more to do.
-That the laundry was done
-That there weren't breakfast (and shamefully last night's dinner) dishes still sitting on the counter near the sink
-That I wouldn't fall asleep the moment I open my scriptures to read them
-That Wyatt's little "ouchie" would heal and get better. (A cut that's been bothering him.)
-That my nephew would let himself receive the love that is being offered to him by so many people and just come home. We all make wrong choices in our lives. The trick is to learn from them. We know you. We know you are a good person. We know you want things to be different. We love you. Wherever you are, please let someone--anyone--know you're alright.


Josephine said...

1) I didn't know you were the new YMP! That is wonderful, you will do a fantastic job!
2) Amen about eating outside, everything is better in the summer with grass under your feet.

jakenapril said...

wow...did you know that there's a gecko grill off 106th south? congrats on your new calling! we are also big fans of l&o: svu...and i'm so glad that it's almost hot chocolate weather!

Brian & Heidi Haas said...

Great post, I love the tags where you get to learn a little bit more about your friends!!!!

Congrats on the new calling, the YW are lucky to have you!

Josh and Kristen said...

That was fun to read. Congrats on the new calling... it will be a lot of work, but you'll be great.

"The democracy will cease to exist when you TAKE AWAY from those who are willing to work AND GIVE to those who would not."

Thomas Jefferson