Tuesday, September 2, 2008

gearin' up for another year of learnin'

The all-important backpacks.
And here we are.
Halle, the mighty 1st-Grader standing in front of Washington El.
with her co-student & gal-pal Hannah Banana. (I'm loving the legs crossed!)
Is this the door opportunity knocks on?
Wyatt had fun helping big sister find her seat.
Oh, and he just had to wear his backpack, too!

Here is Mrs. M.

Remember how much you idolized your elementary school teachers???

I wanted to grow up to look just like and be just like my first-grade

teacher, Mrs. Womack...I thought she was the nicest lady and so perdy...

It was probably disruptive, but I couldn't resist:
I snuck in one last picture after the bell rang and class started.
There's our A-student!
Day 2: Riding the bus to-and-from:
I love how she looked that morning! I wish I would have gotten a better picture without the glare of the sun! Her bus stop is super-convenient, being just at the end of our street. It was a leap of faith for this over-protective mommy to let her baby be driven back and forth by really a stranger on a bus that potentially could be occupied by a few children with values that may be less than ideal, but it's been a good growing experience for us both. Mostly me (let's be honest). She's doing great walking home by herself (with Mom watching out the window like a hawk!) and has even told me about when the "older kids" were being bullies or vulgar and how she chose to change seats closer to the front.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
That's my girl.


Playing with sweet friend, J., at the bus stop.

Talking to daddy and telling him all about school!


Josephine said...

She is beautiful! And going to be a genius I can feel it! GO HALLE!

Kyeface & Nicknoodle said...

So, I remember when people'd say to me, "Wow you're getting so big, I feel so old." Okay, I seriously don't know how Halle can be this old. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!!! So crazy, her first day of FIRST GRADE!!! Good for her, that's a big change, all day instead of just a half! Good for you Halle!

ARRON N' L!SA said...

yeah she looks like shes about what 7 or 8 going on 16!! haha. you're going to have your work cut out for you!!! i love it.

Arah said...

she is a mini Hope, escept her hair is lighter.

Jen said...

Mrs. Womack IS beautiful!! :) I totally remember that.

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