Tuesday, September 16, 2008

me quirky? nah...

Whitney "tagged" me to list Six of my Quirks, but I'm only going to list FOUR since two were the same as hers (not wanting footprints in my fresh vacuum lines) and rewriting (and rewriting!) lists)--nice to hear a woman after my same heart:

1. My nose has to be clean. As in NOTHING inside it, even the smallest, teeny-weensiest booger. I just can't stand it. To the point that sometimes my inner nostrils feel raw because I blow and wipe my schnoz so much.

2. Nothing bugs me more than when my piano students rest the palms of their hands on the keyboard while they are playing. Wrists up! Wrists up! It's hard for me to bite my tongue when they are beginners (and I do bite my tongue) and I'm always so relieved when they crawl out of that bad habit! They play better and let's face it--LOOK much better!

3. Just before I go to bed I have to do two things or else I cannot sleep--even lately when I've tried to stop being so OCD about it, I toss and turn until eventually I get out of bed and do it anyway. I have to 1) peek in on my kids one last time to make sure they are sleeping comfortably (no blankets kicked off or no one about to fall out of bed) and 2) I check the doorlocks and my scentsy burners because I'm always paranoid I haven't locked the doors or that our house will catch on fire because I've left the Scentsies burning all night long.

4. For some reason the last load of laundry usually ends up staying in the dryer until the following week when I'm ready to start laundry all over again. I'm not sure why I do this. Sometimes I think I've forgotten about it and sometimes I think I'm so sick of doing laundry by the end that I just get lazy and think "I'll get it later"...and then I don't.

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Annie said...

I always leave my last load in the dryer too, I'm pretty sure it's because I am just sick of laundray. I am also a little OCD, I am always worried I have left my hair straightner on and have to check and recheck. Sometimes we'll be down the road and I have to turn around to make sure I turned it off.

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