Monday, September 22, 2008

kind of chewy. kind of...not what we'd expected.

Brett and I enjoyed a FABulous meal at a new restaurant (new to us, anyway), thanks to the high recommendation of Joleen. It's a tasty little Greek place up by the U...ARISTOS. I would definitely go there again. Our main course and our salads were incredible! One thing I would not order again, however, is the baby octopus appetizer. Poor Brett and Hope. Naive and inexperienced when it comes to seafood cuisine! We ordered it, thinking we were adventurous and brave. We were also thinking it came cut up and fried, much like calamari. Nope.
I wish we could have been our waiter, seeing our faces as he placed the large plate in front of us. Our expressions had to be pure disgust and repulsion! Immediately I informed him, "Uh...I can't eat that. Brett, are you going to eat that?" Brett gave a wavering, "I don't know." The waiter said sympathetically, "Why don't you try it and if you don't like it we can send it back?" OK. That sounded reasonable. Um, sure, we can do this. We can totally do it. Which part should we cut off and eat first? The reaching legs with the sucky tentacles attached or the round part--is that the head? Where the brain would be?
Yeah. We're total chickens. We couldn't even taste it. I called the waiter and sheepishly (completely embarrassed) admitted: "If I put that in my mouth I'm going to gag. I'm sorry, but this has to go back." (Before we sent it back, we first had to take a picture with Brett's phone to remember our accounter with BABY OCTOPUS.)
Next time we'll stick with pita bread and tsatsiki for our appetizer.


Josephine said...

HAHAHHAHAAAA!!! I have never ordered that! Sorry about that. But I can highly recommend the pita, and spanikopita its delicious!
HAHAHA You two are hilarious!

Mandy said...

Oh, Hope! That looks horrible! I don't think I could have eaten it either. I do love Aristos though! Working on campus makes it way too convenient to go. Glad you enjoyed it!

Brynn said...

Aristos is my favorite. Love their food! But I don't think I could do the octopus either! Yikes!!

julie said...

GAG!!!! do people actually eat this? it seems like it might squirt juice all over the place if you bit into it...

Annie said...

That looks awful! I couldn't eat it either. Glad the rest of the meal was good!

LaFawnda said...

I'm so glad it didn't wiggle!!!!!!

Arah said...

That looks disgusting. I wouldn't touch it either. I don't like seafood anyway.
we have a greek food place here that is FABULOUS. In fact, it's my favorite restaraunt. YUM!

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