Thursday, September 18, 2008

for all you SVU fans out there...may you not be as obsessed as I am. * it's scary, really, but if you ARE, this vids for you, so turn off my playlist:

Season 10 can't start soon enough! Let's hope it's better than season 9. Something more like Season 7. (See? I'm a total L&O geek; self-proclaimed, I might add.)

Less than one week to go until the Season Premiere. Don't bother calling me Tuesday nights between 9-10. Now that we no longer have a DVR, I will not be available one hour a week due to a television program.
And YES, I realize how pathetic that sounds.

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Jamie said...

I usually TiVo all Law & Order episodes (well, the regular and SVU, not so much with criminal intent). But Jeff won't watch them with me. So if you ever miss one, you can come over and watch with me.

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