Sunday, September 7, 2008

leavin' on a jet plane...and eating bean dip.

Well, this Sunday evening I find I have the entire house to myself. OK...myself and my three beautiful, funny, and at the moment, hyper-active children. After lunch and FHE, Brett hopped on a Southwest jetplane for 113 degree weather in sunny Arizona. He'll be gone for a week, enjoying the life of a bachelor (the kind that wear a gold wedding band). I, in the mean time, will enjoy days filled with kid-friendly dinners (when he's gone it's usually mac 'n cheese or pancakes for dinner) and hearing every creak this house makes at night (my "manly-beefcake" won't be here to protect me from the imaginary home-intruders that my mind conjures up in paranoia). It will also be an interesting week as it is our first to "endure" with downgraded cable. (But it feels soooo good to save $$$!) No more DVR. No more HD-TV. No more channel above 25, and really, we don't get that many since about 6 of them are either shopping networks or in a language 4 out of 5 people in this house do not understand. (I'm actually starting to wonder if Brett really has legitimate "work" down in Phoenix or if he's using it as an excuse to get himself back to CABLE TELEVISION... Hmm...I definitely have my suspicions.)
While he is there, I asked him to please eat at our favorite restaurant in Gilbert. If I can't go there myself, I'll "eat" vicariously through him. Moly Moly, I miss the bean dip, the horchatas, and the shrimp-mango quesadillas at Gecko Grill. (Any East Valley Arizonan knows exactly what I'm talking about!)
So honey, know that I'm (we're) missing you while you're away. Try to have fun during your short time free of family responsibilities, and...we'll keep the light on for you.


Tif said...

We don't have cable at all and you know what?! I don't really miss it. I find that I spend less time in front of the TV and get a whole lot more done. Welcome back to the good old days when TV didn't rule the world. It's really not as bad as you think it will be.

Hope said...

I have to admit a small part of me has been looking forward to this for a save money and like you said, to "force" me spend my time doing other things. It's an adjustment, though! :)

The Hoopers said...

Good luck with your man gone. Here's a trick...Don't watch the evening news, do watch musicals at night. It helps not hear all the scarey noises!

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