Monday, September 15, 2008

ladies & gents, BREAKFAST is served...

Our kids have recently taken to the idea of "cooking" breakfast for mommy and daddy. I'd be lying if I didn't say this scares me a little. One of these days, will I wake up to the smell of smoke because they've put something non-microwavable in the microwave or gotten brave enough to try cooking on the stove top? Or will I find a lake of spilled milk dripping onto my tile floor? All fears aside, however, it is the sweetest feeling in the world to know you children excitedly conspired this sunrise surprise just for you!!!

Here's a picture of our first juvenile-made feast: toast and orange juice. Nothing like a Dora Cup of OJ to help wash down a delicious bite of toast
which has been saturated with a "healthy"-sized serving of butter.

YUM! Every bite tasted of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

What we thought was the best part, however, was the "check-list" we found that Halle had made of things they had to do. Is she my daughter, or what??? THREE CHEERS FOR LISTS!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(We did have a talk about how them cooking breakfast is such a treat because it doesn't happen that often--I think I was able to quell any desire to do it everyday by presenting the notion that surprises are fun because they are rare. We also had to cover "toaster-safety" as I had visions of them inserting forks or knives in order to retrieve a stuck piece of bread.)


Mandy said...

Ok, that is seriously the sweetest thing ever. I love that they are so thoughtful, they must get it from their mom! :)

The Hoopers said...

I LOVE the check list. So your daughter!

Whit said...

I love it! How blessed you are to have such great kiddos! I wish I lived closer to you, I miss talking to you and I wish that Carson and Kael could play and be buddies! I miss you and love you!

Annie said...

How sweet! What thoughtful kids! I am also a list maker!

Josephine said...

What great kids you have, I remember trying to make my parents breakfast in bed and I was always so put-off when they didn't want to eat in bed, now as an adult I can see their point of view.

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