Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How has it been half a year already?

This sweet girl is 6 months old this week.  
How is that possible?!
We feel very blessed that she is healthy and well.
Her neck is stronger and nearly where it needs to be.
Her core gets stronger each week.
Her head shape is beautiful and we were 
able to avoid the dreaded helmet.  
Thank heavens - no worse time to wear that than in summer!
Her muscle tone is better and she's starting to lock her 
legs and "stand" when we hold her up by her underarms.  
She is 17 pounds & 27 1/2".
She is in the 97% for height and 84% for weight,
which translates to mean in a room of 100 other 6-month olds, 
she be as tall or taller than 97 of them and weigh as much or more than 84 of them.
Dr. Moskun says she's as big as most 8-9 month olds.
You go, Charli!  Show them who's boss!
She loves to blow raspberries and stick out her tongue.
She loves to eat baby food, especially sweet potatoes!
She does not care for applesauce.
She's started noticing the puppy and is very curious about pulling Ruby's tail.  
Ruby lets her do it about twice before she starts to get real annoyed.  
She loves to sit in her exersaucer or play on a blanket on the floor.
She finds her feet fascinating and thinks they taste yummy, too.
She loves books - especially gumming on the corners.
She has us wrapped around her fingers - at least the ones that aren't in her mouth!
Love this little girl and can't believe 
six months could go by so quickly.  
I'm looking forward to what the 
next six months will bring.  
Happy half-birthday, Charlotte!

Hope Sig1

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