Friday, July 13, 2012

Kid Dinners

It seems like I'm always in a hurry.  Whatever task I'm doing has to be done 5 minutes ago, so when my sweet kids offer to help, particularly in the kitchen, I regrettably find myself giving a "Thanks but no thanks" response.  For shame!  I realize that there will come a day in the not-too-distant future that I am begging them to give me some help - why am I not establishing those patterns now?  Because I never feel I have enough time or emotional reserve to patiently teach them how to help me.  It's just "faster if I do it myself".  Wiser, more experienced mothers are now shaking their heads in disappointment, I know.

And so, in a baby step towards letting the kids be more a part of the daily tasks in our home, I assigned each child a night of "Kid Dinner".  I'm not sure how it will continue in the hustle-and-bustle of the school year...maybe once a month?  But for the summer, every other week a child in our family is responsible for the planning and preparation of a family meal.  The kids loved it!  I loved it!  It removed a small degree of motherhood guilt AND I didn't feel overwhelmed at last minute offers to help mom because I knew the night was coming and could plan my time accordingly (since we all know that having your kids "help" you often requires more time and energy than doing it yourself!)

Here are their meals:

Wyatt chose Hot Dogs, Fruit Salad (presenting elegantly on lettuce leaves), and Cheesey Roasted Potato Wedges with homemade Fry Sauce.  For dessert, a delicious Chocolate Cake.

* * * * * * * * *
Halle treated us to Mini Pizzas, Garden Salad, 
and Delicious Ice Cream Coconut Snowballs for dessert.

* * * * * * * * *
 Carson prepared Crusty Chicken Tenders, Fruit Salad with "Yoda Dip" (he added neon green food coloring, the color of Yoda), and for dessert: a cup of Dirt with Worms (which to our pleasant surprise tasted a lot like chocolate pudding with oreos and gummy worms!)
 Look at Carson's mouth when he works.  
He slides his tongue around.  
Guess it helps him concentrate!

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Ashlee said...

Wow I am impressed! You never know we may have the makings of the next celebrity chef! They'd have my vote.

Ashlee said...

That was grandma's comment logged in under Ashlee's account!

Jen said...

Cute idea! They look so proud of themselves.

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