Monday, July 30, 2012

What do you get when you combine Iron Chef, Sack Races, Board Games, and a Broken Window?


These pictures are horribly out of order (for example we have some "going home" pictures stuck in the middle of the campout pictures) but I can't seem to fix it, so...THERE YA GO.

As always we had a blast at the Kremin Kampout!
The weather was perfect and there was a near-constant breeze that made you feel relaxed and comfortable!

Since the Olympics were starting in a week, 
we had our own "Kid Olympics" and opening ceremony!

 Balancing on logs is harder than it looks!

Poor baby got a big, nasty sliver in his palm helping 
Eric take down his tent.  Yowsa!
* * * * *
The ride home was unfortunately very eventful.  Just west of Duchesne (shortly after driving over Starvation's bridge) we passed a big rig carrying a wide load to the oil fields and it must have flipped up a rock because I heard a loud crash, only to discover the sliding door window had broken.  

 It was next to the seat Halle was occupying.  Although she had glass in her lap, we feel so blessed that she and her sister were protected - no glass flew into their faces.  It shook both me and Halle up a bit, but gratefully everyone was okay and we only had the window to worry about.

We were also fortunate that we had driven two vehicles out.  John and Dixie had graciously loaned us their truck and camper.  Brett and all the kids could fit in it just fine, so I drove the van back with the open window and the rest of the gang got to have a fun ride in Grandpa John's beautiful big truck!

 Shortly after I had pulled over a Highway Patrol trooper stopped to see if we were alright.  He said with all the equipment going out to the oil field, instances like these are very common.  He was very concerned about what we were going to do with the kids, so in a moment of panic, we called Mom and Dad and asked them to meet us there in Duchesne.  At that point we had not thought things through fully - I think we were going along the lines of just going back to Vernal for the night.  But once they got there and we'd had time to mull our choices over we decided it would be best to just continue on towards home.  I felt so badly they had put forth the effort to come all that way, especially when I knew they were exhausted and trying to clean up their own camp mess.  We ended up just having some dinner with them at the park by Duchesne High School then each going to our own homes.  Poor Mom and Dad, coming at our very beckoning whim when it ended up being totally unnecessary.  They couldn't have been nicer about it, though.  

 * * * * *
Ruby was filthy - hair full of dark dirt and sticky tree sap.  
A visit to the "beauty parlor" got her looking pretty again as soon as we were home!

 This was my view the ride out and back.  John & Dixie have a beautiful, wonderful camper on the back of their truck.  It was so fun to use and very, very comfortable.  Thanks, Mom & Dad!

 I love the view as you climb this hill right before the Red Cloud Loop turnoff.
Oh how I love our Vernal mountains!

Naturally, we competed in Iron Chef.  This year's theme was "Sweet Shoppe" and boy did we stuff our faces!  Team Spudnut may have won, but it was completely through cheating.  Who can compete with anything FRIED covered with powdered sugar or chocolate?!  Enjoy it, Eric - you'll fall off your Fry Daddy pedestal next summer!!!!!!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!

I made a total pig of myself with these cream cheese sopapillas - delicious, Laurie!

 Nickole brought face paint and it was a big hit each day with these super heroes!

 "Family Pictures" - We had to use a stand-in for our missing sister, Faith...our stand-in may have been 9 months pregnant, but in every other way bore a close resemblance to the absent ditder!

Back to Iron Chef (these out-of-order pictures are driving me nuts)
Mom's Raspberry Brownie Bites - 
geez these were so good.  That chewiness of the chocolate 
with the juiciness of the raspberry was to die for!

Cake pops of every flavor imaginable!  
Everyone enjoyed these but they were particularly a big hit with the kids! 

This may have been the most creative dessert there - Caramel Apple Pie Popcorn.  
Yes, you read that correctly.  And drizzled with white chocolate! 

Chocolate Ravioli Cookies, Peanut Butter Cheerios 
(I downed more of those than I care to admit)... 

A little too confident here - 
I think they knew they were going to win.  
This Iron Chef thing is RIGGED!

 In homage to our favorite family Christmas movie, 
Kristen made some creamy "Oh, Ffffffudge" 
and I did Turkish Delight (which was really
 only to my delight, but that's okay...more for me!)

Here's the tasting and judging - it's very serious and intense.

 Hmm....what do I think?

 A "ten" for sure!

 Two sleeping beauties

 Foam swords were great entertainment for the boys every day!

Let's eat some more and play some games.  
Our favorite campout pasttimes!

Hope Sig1


Joleen Kremin said...

Seeing these makes me just wish so much more that I could have been there. Dang Eric for winning... don't worry girls, next year we'll get him!

Colette said...

Oh this made me home sick as well. I loved being with Raquel and Family. BUT I hated missing the reunion. Looks like you all had fun. Sorry about your car but happy you are all ok.

mikeandang said...

Looks like fun... minus the blown out window in the back seat :(

Wendy Kremin said...

How fun!!! We should do something fun like that for the kids next year at LC Ranch. I wish I could have seen the Olympians. What a fun family we have. :)

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