Sunday, July 22, 2012

Treehouse Museum

Our good friends, the Dzinekus, invited us to join them for a morning at the Treehouse Museum up in Ogden.   We love spending time with them and this occasion proved to be just as fun as in the past!
 Charlotte looked so cute - ready to beat the heat in her little tank top and romper shorts!

 Wyatt loved doing the fossil rubbings

 First Female President?

 Wyatt and Miles made a stop-motion video about dinosaurs that was epic!

 Julia and Carson loved the computers
 Look at Lonni.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She has the most beautiful smile and expressive eyes!

The Ogden Temple is directly north of the museum.  It was fun to get a sneak peek of the new renovations taking place.  GSL is actually doing the electrical work!
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