Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taft Family Campout - Palisade State Park

 Wyatt, Jace, Mason, Carson, Mack, Halle, Avaree

We had a fabulous time camping down by Manti last month!  The campground was perfect and I'm confident we will return.  It had clean bathrooms with showers, lots of shade, a fun little lake for the kids to swim around in, and even a golf course on-site.  Perfect for the Tafts!
 Uncle Bret, the Bumbo King!

 Ruby and Howdy...will they ever be friends?

 The kids loved climbing on the "Arch Tree".  
Every kid should climb a few trees in their lifetime!

 Lake Monster!

 Charlotte & Abigail...soon to be best friends!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a great weekend 
and lots of wonderful new memories!
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