Sunday, July 15, 2012

Look at her,
Our "baby" girl.
With each passing year she gains 
more grace, insight, humor, and zest for life!

She is our "pleaser", our organizer, our performer, our aspiring cook, our story writer and poet, our game-maker-upper, our babysitter, our play-outside-until-the-sun-goes-down-er, our fashionista (who gives free (and most often unsolicited fashion advice), our fingernail-painter, our leave-a-sweet-note-on-your-pillow-writer, and usually, our first peacemaker in any argument.

She and Brett were invited to a Daddy Daughter evening at the church for Activity Days.  It was a western theme, with line-dancing, BBQ sandwiches, and lots of fun one-on-one time for the fathers and their "best gals".  
Hope Sig1

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mikeandang said...

That is the cutest thing ever. I remember my Daddy/Daughter date. I hope they do that in my ward!

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