Monday, July 2, 2012

Our great desire is to raise our children in truth & righteousness!

Yesterday Wyatt shared his testimony publicly for the first time in Fast and Testimony Sacrament Meeting.  He had mentioned earlier that morning he thought he wanted to do it but was feeling very nervous.  We talked about how testimonies don't have to be a bunch of fancy words.  They are simply when we share what we believe and how it makes us feel.  I could not have been prouder - or weepier!  He testified that he knows Jesus was resurrected and that Heavenly Father loves us.  He testified that he knows President Monson really is a prophet from God.  He had poise and courage, and was overall totally amazing.  Earlier that day he had also confided that he wasn't sure he wanted to fast because it was hard to be so hungry.  I told him fasting wasn't supposed to be easy - that was one of the reasons we fast.  We are proving to ourselves and to Heavenly Father that our spirit controls the desires of our bodies, not the other way around.  Of course, as I'm telling him this, he's looking down at his feet as he makes them turn side-to-side.  So glad I had such a captive audience!  But THEN....  in primary just a few hours later where I was substituting for the pianist, they discussed fasting in Sharing Time.  When she asked what some of the blessings we can receive from fasting are, Wyatt raised his hand and said, "We get power.  Our spirits get power over our bodies."  Ka-Pow!  To top it all off, that night he presented a sweet lesson about testimonies during our Family Home Evening time.  Brett and I were genuinely impressed at his confidence and preparation.  He reminded us that when we share our feelings and experiences with the Holy Ghost, we are sharing our testimonies.  What an awesome kid!

David A. Bednar has said, "Our testimony of gospel truth should be reflected both in our words and in our deeds.  And our testimonies are proclaimed and lived most powerfully in our own homes.  Spouses, parents, and CHILDREN should strive to overcome any hesitancy, reluctance, or embarrassment about bearing testimony.  We should both create and look for opportunities to bear testimony of gospel truths - and live them."

Wyatt, hearing your testimony today brought the Spirit into my heart.  Your words made my own testimony grow and I was strengthened by your example.  I'm overjoyed to know that you really do believe in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  They ARE real and they DO love know you.  The Savior has encouraged us to be as little children.  That is because children usually have faith so much easier than adults and are more willing to learn and change.  You have been a shining example to me of someone with great faith and a submissive nature.  I hope you will continue to help your testimony grow through prayer, reading the scriptures, and being aware of making good choices.  I also hope you will continue to share your testimony often.  I know the more you share it, the stronger it will be and as you grow into a young man your foundation will be strong and sure, just like the man who "build his house upon the rock" instead of sand.  These are some of the things that will help you keep the promises you will make when you are baptized in a few months.  I know your Heavenly Father is proud of you and very, very pleased that you have such an anxious desire to enter the waters of baptism and make covenants with Him.  You are an important person in my life and I'm grateful for the different ways you make me a better person.  You inspire me!  I love you!
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mikeandang said...

What a great kid and what an amazing mom! You know, he wouldn't be the boy he is today without you! I am glad to know you and call you my friend.

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